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Combination skin describes skin that exhibits two differing skin types and therefore appears to be one of the most complicated skin types. It is characterized by skin that is very dry in some areas, but also shiny and oily in others and would probably require two different creams to specifically care for the different skin needs. The SKINOVAGE Balancing Cream provides the most precise care for combination skin and balances it.

The ingredients of the SKINOVAGE Balancing Cream are precisely tailored to the specific needs for hydration and sebum regulation of combination skin so that the skin is balanced and well nourished at the same time.
The SKINOVAGE combines two clever active ingredients to strengthen the skin’s own protective mechanisms and thus ensure the basic requirement for skin health. Alpine rose extract supports, based on the principles of autophagy, the removal of harmful waste products. In addition, it protects the skin from oxidative stress and thus from premature skin aging and helps improve skin elasticity. This is combined with a marine polysaccharide, which strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and makes the skin less reactive and sensitive.
To effectively reduce excessive oily sheen and enlarged pores, an extract derived from annatto seeds counteracts the skin’s production of sebum. At the same time, the seed extract regulates excessive keratinization of skin cells, preventing the formation of sebum plugs that can cause irritation and skin blemishes. These effects are supported by rice starch which mattifies the skin over the long term. Overall, it strengthens the skin’s microbiome and ensures a balanced and matte complexion.
The dry cheek and eye areas caused by combination skin experience intense hydration thanks to natural biopolymers, which are delivered evenly to the skin and prevent it from drying out.
As a result, demanding combination skin is precisely cared for and appears both matte and refreshed.

The SKINOVAGE Balancing Cream is also enriched with valuable vitamin E which blocks free radicals and stimulates the natural regeneration processes in the skin in combination with the allantoin ingredient to counteract premature skin aging. Almond oil provides extra moisture and nourishment.

Balancing Cream

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