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The skin is exposed to different external environmental influences every day: UV light, dust and dirt particles or even a lack of sleep can cause extreme stress to the skin. The Complex C Cream fights the signs of stressed, tired skin, making the complexion appear vitalized and fresh.

In order to restrengthen fatigued skin as best as possible, the active ingredient complex of the Complex C Cream focuses primarily on strengthening the skin’s own protective properties and regeneration processes.
UVA radiation is perhaps the most prominent stress factor for the skin as it is exposed to radiation all year round and skin aging is facilitated. Alpine stem cells in the Complex C Cream penetrate deep into the skin and effectively protect the DNA of the skin cells from this very damage and premature skin aging caused by environmental factors, particularly UVA rays. The stem cells also protect the skin against free radicals.
Vitamin C is justifiably a truly powerful active ingredient and is thus purposefully used in the Complex C Cream. The active ingredient not only helps to strengthen the skin’s own defenses over the long term, but also neutralizes free radicals and minimizes damage to the skin cells from external influences. Vitamin C also promotes regeneration processes in the skin cell and prevents premature skin aging.
The anti-aging effect of the Complex C Cream is also enhanced with vitamin A. It stimulates the skin’s cell renewal and supports skin regeneration to counteract the aging process.
The active ingredient complex also contains vitamin F, which is particularly rich in linoleic acid. This is how the active ingredient strengthens the skin’s lipid protective barrier and helps to protect the skin against negative environmental influences. This way, the skin remains healthy and its functions intact.
So that the active ingredients of the Complex C Cream can have a targeted effect, the skincare cream contains OsmoTec for a further nourishing boost. It improves the absorption of active ingredients by the skin and thus ensures that the cream works as ideally as possible.

In order to reactivate and revitalize stressed skin, the Complex C Cream stimulates the skin’s protective properties. Its active ingredient complex is also enriched with vitamin E, which blocks free radicals and supports skin protection. Sesame and macadamia oil have a particularly nourishing effect on the lipid barrier while Panthenol soothes and relaxes the skin.

Complex C Cream

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